Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Ep. 4 Recap

Twisty idols, big arguments, and an emotional challenge lead a big episode of Australian Survivor. Check out our video recap below.

It’s not the focus of this episode, but David and Luke have been playing a very strong tactical game. The athletes on the tribe (as well as the audience) were fully lead to believe that Steve was going home, but the decision to send Nova was smart. She’s less important to the team, physically, than Steve. From what we see in the edit she had a negative effect on the vibe at camp, and Steve has been so thoroughly depleted that he’s no longer a serious tactical threat. Plus, if there was an idol, it would have been well and truly flushed tonight. Even ET and Simon Black (in his 2 seconds of screen time) abandoned Nova and Steve tonight, and are both better positioned in the tribe.

Over at the contenders, much was made of the performance of Sarah in the reward challenge. Firstly, it’s important to note that, according to her Instagram, Casey had said days ago that if they did the towers of terror she would sit out, and that Sarah had said nothing. Still, the way it came across didn’t exactly paint her well. The people who did come across well include John and Matt, who were both very supportive. To be fair, a few hot chocolates isn’t exactly a game-changing reward.

I actually really like Janine’s twist idol. Adds a bit of gameplay into the twist elements which often feel completely random. If it were me, I would hold onto the twist idol to use as the most convincing fake idol of all time.

Australian Survivor Stock Market

Going Up:

3. Pia

Remember how Pia was nearly voted out at the first tribal council? Well, tonight she played a major role in losing the challenge and was never seriously considered by anyone as the option to vote off. She’s attached herself to a good alliance and played really well as emotional support to Abbey after the big fight at camp. Turning it around nicely.

2. Janine

Talk about turning it around. After nearly going home last night, Janine’s now in the majority alliance, with a potential idol. Her decision not to give it to strategic wildcard John was wise, and she’s now in a good position.

1. Luke

It’s really hard to stop giving this guy the points every episode. Luke’s strategic hold over this season has been impeccable, and tonight was no exception. Nova needed to go, Luke executed it. Looking dangerously untouchable at this stage.

Going Down

3. Simon

Simon Black has so far been a bit of a non-entity on the show. He’s performed OK in challenges, but hasn’t featured at all in the edit. With his alliance completely collapsed, does Simon have the strategic chops to keep himself around?

2. Casey

As stated earlier, Casey’s Instagram explanation for sitting out the challenge does make sense, but it doesn’t change the fact that many members in the tribe will likely blame her for the reward challenge debacle. Need to see more of the contenders to truly understand the dynamics.

1. Steven

Steven is as good as dead. His alliance is completely destroyed, with even ET and Simon turning on him. He’s left with no allies, plenty of enemies, and plenty of bigger physical assets on the tribe. Steve is going to need a miracle to survive the next tribal council. Fortunately for him, miracles are what he does best.

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