73. Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Episode Pitch! Reverse Snap, Quicksilver Lives & More!

With Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ officially announced at comic-con last week, we’ve decided to take that premise and run with it. We’re going through several What If scenarios that massively effect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What if Howard Stark lived? What if Abomination joined the Avengers? So many questions, so many inadequate answers. 

Also: Endgame’s deleted kneeling scene, Jojo Rabbit Trailer, and Hulu’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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1:14 News (Jojo Rabbit Trailer , Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Spawn, Endgame deleted scene)

14:50 What If…

16:37 What If the other 50% got snapped in Infinity War?

28:30 What If Quicksilver survived Age of Ultron?

34:20 What If Tony Stark died in the cave in Iron Man 1?

41:30 What If Howard Stark survived his assassination attempt?

45:30 What Happened in the 2014 timeline?

49:30 What If Abomination joined The Avengers instead of the Hulk?

53:50 What If Kilmonger killed T’Challa in the waterfall fight?

1:00:35 What If Odin never died?

1:03:30 What If Hulk never went to space?

1:06:33 What If 1970’s Avengers?

1:08:33 What If Doctor Strange died in his car crash?

1:10:55 What If Tag (2018)?

1:13:20 Watchlist (Megamind

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