Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 5 Recap

David got out the crafting kit, Steven fought for his life, and Andy’s training paid off on last Tuesday’s Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders.

Check out our video recap below!

The fake idol switch is a fascinating play with winners and losers on both ends of the spectrum. We don’t actually see Shaun examine the idol back at camp, so we’re unsure as to whether or not he believes David. The thing is, one way or another, the fake is going to be revealed. If Shaun tries to use the idol to save himself, and it doesn’t work, then any of his allies would be massively gunning for David. Things only get worse for David if Shaun realizes its fake.

In the short term though, it’s a brilliant move. Turning a fake idol into a real one through subterfuge. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s any consequences from this play. It’s bad news for Janine though, there’s now no way that she’s getting the real idol, leaving her contenders idol essentially just a paperweight. She’ll need a tribe swap to be able to play it.

Elsewhere this episode, the “island news” got us a little bit more of a look at some of the champions, but a really fantastic look at Luke. Someone playing like him would be A+ regardless, but doing it all for his family is what really elevates Luke into being one of Survivor’s best characters.

The champions are now 3 players down, and may need some more football challenges to get them back on level pecking!

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up:

3. Pia

It was a good week in general for Pia. She’s now off the bottom of her tribe, and has shown consistently strong emotional intelligence. As the game becomes more and more about strategy and social interactions over pure strength, Pia is only going to get more involved.

2. Andy

It was hard not to laugh at Andy’s training montage in his introduction, but the joke seems to be on us. Andy has been a consistently strong performer in challenges for the contenders, and almost singe-handedly won them this one. Maybe all of that prep has paid off.

1. David

It wasn’t a perfect night for David. I’ve spoken about the potential downsides of his move earlier, and he wasn’t very tactful when speaking to Simon and ET about getting rid of Steve. But let’s deal with those consequences when we get to them. For now, let’s just appreciate how David is willing to be a massive player, and seems to be having a ball out there. He’s trying everything, and most of it seems to be working.

Going Down

3. Janine

As stated earlier, Janine has now essentially lost her idol to David. There’s still the potential for her to get some benefit from it, but for now, it’s definitely an L on this episode for Janine. With Steve’s old alliance crumbling, there’s only so long that her alliance can stay together, can she weather the storm?

2. ET

Through no fault of his own, ET finds himself in dire straits at the moment. Based on the vote split employed by the Champions, it looks like Luke and the gang want to target ET ahead of Simon, putting his head firmly on the chopping block.

1. Shaun

Find an idol: Check. Swap the idol: Check. Use the idol…

Shaun played the idol swap perfectly. And, to be fair, we have no idea if he actually bought David’s gambit, but assuming he did, he’s in for a rude shock. Unknowingly playing a fake idol would be a horrendous fate, and we’ll see if his detective skills can help him out of this one.

Week 2 Player Leaderboard

1-2-3 points given for “going up”, 1-2-3 points taken away for “going down”

7 – David

6 – Luke

4 – Andy

2 – Pia

1 – Baden, Janine

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