Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 6 Recap

The burgers were better on last night’s Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders. ET and Simon found themselves backed against the wall, David continued to play every play in the playbook, and there were bevvies all-round.
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It’s sad to see ET go, doomed by Bradbury’s failed athletes alliance. Although, it looked like he was simply too nice for the game, and couldn’t weasel his way out of his losing position.

David’s ascension from Luke’s sidekick to power-mad demogorgon is hilarious, and is providing some great tv. It looks to be all coming undone though, with his attitude getting more and more abrasive. The “played my idol for Pia” line may now be one lie too many.

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up:

3. Pia

Pia is having a great run of episodes. Tonight, we got a better idea of her place on the Champions tribe, and her strong relationships with Abbey and Janine. With a growing anti-David sentiment building, Pia’s gentle, quiet gameplay has been impressive thus far.

2. Baden

He may not be much of a beer drinker, but Baden definitely took a big win today. His cutaways during the immunity challenge were absolutely hilarious, but it was his decision to bring Shaun which cements his spot here. “Feeding the horse” was a great decision, giving challenge strength, building an important relationship, and endearing him to both tribes. Also, 2019 is the year of the astrophysicist.

1. Ross

Ross is somehow both getting lots of screen time, and flying under the radar. This episode, Ross performed well in the immunity challenge, singe-handedly won the reward challenge, showcased his usefulness and good standing around camp, made an ally on the contenders (Baden), voted with his alliance to remove a greater threat, and has not been discussed to be targeted in a long time. Pretty much champagne Survivor right there.

Going Down:

3. Matt

We didn’t get much strategy out of Draco this episode, all that we really got was lots of evidence that everyone on the Champions hates him. And why wouldn’t they? With a tribe swap hitting TONIGHT, Matt is going to be the first person that any Champion targets if he crosses their path, and he’s going to find it really tough to get post-merge alliances or jury votes out of any of them either.

2. David

Settle down buddy.

David’s dominant game began to crumble tonight. He lost massive trust with Abbey, was revealed by Casey to be a liar, and started to draw the ire of pretty much he’s whole tribe. It’s great tv, and you’ve got to admire how hard he’s working, but he’s put a target on his back now, can he shake it off?

1. Simon

As bad as David’s position is (and it is bad), its nothing compared to Simon. Simon now finds himself outnumbered 6-1 on the flatlining champions tribe. In addition, he haven’t seen any indication that he has the gameplay skills to get him out of that situation. In fact, we haven’t seen anything at all. A tribe swap might save him, David’s capitulation might save him. Miracles do happen, and that’s exactly what Simon needs..

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