Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 7 Recap

The tribe swap brought about a massive shift in dynamics on the latest episode of Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders. Luke and David found themselves in deep trouble, whilst contenders playmakers Andy and Harry worked hard to get to the top.

Check out our video recap below!!!

Firstly, let’s get the big one out of the way. It is atrociously poor that Sam was booted off the show without receiving a single confessional. Considering the length of the episodes, and the frequency of confessionals from the likes of Andy and Shaun, its pretty unforgiveable, and I feel very sad for her.

The tribe swap is so often Survivor’s great equalizer, and we saw some big changes last night. Principally, we say Luke and David survive a 7-2 split without playing an idol, but really, that was kind of a fluke. The move itself was all Daisy’s doing, and, as evidenced by the flat refusals of Sam and Baden to work with the boys, Luke and David weren’t exactly going anywhere without her.

It was pretty needless for Andy to discuss Shaun’s idol with the rest of his old contender alliance, it was also pretty needless for him to go over to John in… I guess a desperate move to flush an idol? Either way, Australia’s “biggest superfan” made more than a few missteps this episode, and could very well be the next one to go.

On the positive side, we had Harry, who has apparently been playing the fake kid card since day one (according to his socials), it’s a fun move, and another example of why we haven’t seen nearly enough of the contenders so far this season.

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up:

3. Baden

Baden made smart moves at every turn tonight. He was right not to jump in and immediately help David and Luke, and he was also right to later join the alliance once Daisy and John made the move. He’s avoided making enemies by not being the instigator, he’s got himself a strong place in the majority alliance, and as merge approaches, his lack of physical strength will become a reason to keep him, not dump him.

2. Simon

Easily the biggest beneficiary of the tribe swap, Simon was absolutely dead in the water just 24 hours ago. Now, he’s in a tribe with a Champion majority, and it looks like he may be able to settle in with his old enemies, especially given that he’s voted with them in the last few tribal councils. Back in the game, big time.

1. Daisy

Good night for Daisy. She turned on her alliance, and while we’ll see if aligning with Luke and David is a good move down the line, but for now, it seems to be a good move, particularly if they can link up with the rest of Luke’s alliance over at the new contenders. Also, she was great in the immunity challenge.

Going Down:

3. Sarah

Andy looks to be going down, and unfortunately he could well drag Sarah down with him. The Adelaidian has fought hard so far, but could fall victim to the new alliance if physical strength is desired. Could potentially come down to her or Hannah, unless she, or one of her alliance members can pull something big off.

2. Shaun

Big man Shaun had a rough night. First: Andy told everyone about his idol. Second: Daisy told everyone that Andy didn’t tell about his idol. Third: It’s not even a real idol!

With his “idol” revealed and the tribe swapping putting him in a minority position, the big man went down a fair bit last night.

1. Andy


Not a good day for Andy. Stepping into the limelight for the first real time, Andy’s first big vote did not go well. His alliance betrayed him, his plan was convoluted enough that everyone knew he’d thought way way too long about hit. He was outed as a gameplayer, as someone not to be trusted, and dropped way down to the bottom of a tribe that he should have completely breezed through. Andy’s going to have to play as well as he says he is to get out of this one

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