Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 8 Recap

Balance beams, Idols and too much coffee.

Australian Survivor continued last Tuesday night with an episode that saw David once again take the reigns of his tribe. Check out our video recap!

Andy’s massive downward spiral continued this episode, as he was once again lucky to survive. Ironically, Andy’s main reason for surviving is that he has played so poorly that, in the eyes of David, he’s not a real threat. If that isn’t a damning indictment, nothing is.

I’m still hoping that Andy can turn it around, because he’s such an entertaining character, but we’ll have to see. In the context of this episode, Sarah probably was the right move for David and co to target. David is actually taking focus away from Luke, which is great for the people’s champ. Suddenly, Luke isn’t actually the biggest perceived strategic threat on his tribe, and for all of his talk of being king of the jungle, the backseat isn’t a bad place to be.

Elsewhere, Harry may have found a way to get the contenders back into the game on his tribe with his delightful idol find. We’ll see if Harry, who has been slowly steeping up as a player of late, has the smarts to use it right.

Promos for this week have heavily focused on Shaun’s discovery of David’s fake idol, which is definitely bad news for the model, can’t wait to see what happens!

Survivor Stock Market:

Going Up:

3. Luke

A fairly quiet day by Luke’s standards, but the people’s champ still aced it. He made the right move at tribal, performed well in the challenges, and remains in a good spot in his tribe. This week may well answer the question of how Luke will play without his closest ally in David.

2. Harry

Finding an idol is always big, but in the context of this season, Harry’s find was ginormous. With a tribe that was split 5-4, and with Harry right on the bottom, his idol could be a huge factor in shaping how that tribe goes in the future. He’s found it, now he just has to use it correctly.

1. David

As I said earlier, if promos are to be believed, then David is in for a world of pain next week, and may even go home next episode, but based on this episode alone, David clearly gets the points. He put together a solid vote strategy, kept others on his tribe happy (he seems to be antagonizing Daisy a lot less than he did the likes of Janine and Simon), and performed well in challenges. He’s top dog right now, but the downfall looks to be well and truly on its way.

Going Down:

3. Matt

Not much new here, but Matt’s antagonizing in the challenges is going to make him plenty of enemies and no friends. I get that its a deliberate strategy that he’s going with but I just can’t see it working at all.

2. Hannah

Hannah has been pretty much invisible thus far, but right now she sits as one of only two people on the outs at the new champions tribe. She and Sarah worked hard last episode, but unfortunately nothing came to fruition, and now she’s in big trouble.

1. Andy

As I said earlier, David played Andy like a fiddle this episode. The super-fan’s desperate attempts to get in with the numbers only served to put him further outside. I love watching Andy, and hope he can turn it around, but it would take a miraculous collapse (and David’s fake idol may bring about just that very thing.


3-2-1 Points given for ‘going up’, points taken away for ‘going down’

8 – David

7 – Luke

4 – Baden

3 – Daisy, Pia

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