Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 9 Recap

David’s entertaining game began to unravel on a twisty Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders episode that also featured some A-Grade ham and cheese toasties.

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Much was made in the promos this week about the showdown between David and Shaun over the fake idol, but this was actually a Harry-dominant episode. Harry was fighting hard to try to stay in the game, despite being on the bottom of his tribe. Would his plan have worked without the twist? Well, it doesn’t seem so. If Janine’s strategy talks are to be believed, it actually would have been Casey going home. But, props to Harry for trying, and he’s certainly leaving nothing in the sheds.

Shaun was always going to be the one pulled across to a contenders heavy tribe, but the twist is quite a good one. The champs knew what specifically they were voting for, and it’s not a game-breaking advantage. I wonder whether Harry considered not making his “last stand” at tribal since the presence of the other tribe indicates that a twist of some kind was clearly imminent. Waiting for a twist would have been a big risk though.

Shaun vs David is the big event now. The problem for Shaun is that David does still have a proper idol, and most of his allies are also Shaun’s allies, making him exceedingly hard to target. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics play out, and whether or not leftover contenders Andy and Hannah will be able to skate through the carnage, Bradbury-style.

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up

3. John

I haven’t spoken much about John in these recaps, and there’s little that I’m specifically rewarding tonight, but I think its worth noting that he has performed fantastically in the challenges, is clearly well-liked around camp, and is firmly on top of the new champions tribe, all without ever being targeted for a vote. Keep it going John-boy.

2. Shaun

Shaun’s crusade to take David down may well bring about his end, but for the moment his poaching seems to bode fairly well for him. He’s now on a physically threatening tribe that is likely to perform very well in immunity challenges, he’s free from the potential burden of the fake idol, and he’s been reunited with his closest ally, Daisy. He’s got to keep his head up, and not get bogged down trying to get rid of David, now.

1. Janine

If it wasn’t for the twist, Janine’s plan to dupe Harry and get rid of Casey arguably would have worked perfectly. A really strong game read putting together that vote. She’s also got several close allies in Pia and Abbey, and formed a stronger bond with Shaun by revealing David’s subterfuge. The twist may have cancelled much of that out, but she’s still in a really good spot right now.

Going Down

3. Casey

Likely saved by the twist, Casey finds herself stuck on the bottom of the contenders with Harry. Her attempts to play both sides this episode didn’t seem to go over too well, and having lost Shaun, the contenders are likely to be returning to tribal sooner rather than later. Harry still has that pesky idol, which spells danger for Casey as the next likely target.

2. Harry

Harry’s “draw the votes” strategy was a decent short-term strategy, but long term…

Harry seems to be in real trouble over at the contenders tribe, with his gameplay this episode putting his head even more firmly on the chopping block. His idol could save him from the next vote, but the one after that may well have Harry’s name on it if he doesn’t find a way to shake things up.

1. David

Shaun’s poaching benefits almost everyone on the champions tribe, but it certainly does not benefit David. The model has made enemies everywhere, and he’ll have to play at his best to survive the coming onslaught.

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