Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 10 Recap

Boy oh boy, wowee!

One of the biggest tribal councils in Australian Survivor history was the highlight in an episode full of twists, turns, challenge gold and massive shocks. Check out our video recap!!!

So, let’s break down that epic tribal council. Most of the best information we’ve got comes from Baden, who posted the following to reddit:

While the plan changed several times that afternoon, my understanding of the plan going into tribal was 4 on Dave, 2 on Hannah. Hannah was the alternate vote in case Luke also had an idol, which I thought was very unlikely, but conceded it was more likely than Hannah having an idol…

We believed Dave & Luke were putting their votes on Hannah too, meaning we could get Dave on the re-vote if it came to that. John and I were the designated Hannah voters, but with Andy going rogue and Dave & Luke making their own plan, we ended up with four names coming up plus two idol plays – fun!!!

On the back of that quote, it seems that Shaun and co made the plan to split and Dave/Hannah instead of Dave/Luke, and that move kept them in the game. So while it didn’t seem like the contenders won this one, since former contender Hannah went home, it actually went relatively according to plan (minus Andy).

Let’s talk about Simon Black for a moment, the champion Lion has been massively under-edited so far in the show, but was fantastic in this episode. He gave a passionate speech before the challenge, and then was absolutely dominant in the challenge itself. One of the best individual performances ever in a team challenge.

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up:

3. Baden

Our boy Bae-den had another good night. He, along with John, were specifically the folks that voted for Hannah, saving Shaun’s bacon with the second idol play. He’s sitting well in his tribe at a time where the “pure strength” mantra is starting to fade in favour of targeting threats.

2. Simon

As we previously discussed, Simon’s challenge efforts were fantastic here. It’s also noteworthy that he’s come from the very bottom of his old tribe to being in a very good position in his new tribe.

1. Shaun

This is purely based off the fact that it was apparently the plan (and was hence likely to be at least partly Shaun’s plan) to vote off Daisy as a backup. There were plenty of ‘gotcha’ moments with the idol plays, but to really look at it, Shaun flushed 2 idols and got rid of someone who was not exactly an enemy, but also not exactly loyal to him. In the end, despite nearly going home, it was a big net win for Simon.

Going Down

3. Luke

Playing his idol with no votes on him, Luke now has very little protection against the contender group led by Shaun and Daisy. David is likely to be targeted before him, so he’s got that going for him. If anyone can turn this around, it’s the king of the jungle.

2. Andy

This was nearly a very good episode for Andy, and it would have been great if David and Luke had worked with him to get Daisy, or he had worked with them to get Shaun, the whole game would look entirely different. It wasn’t a bad strategy, but he’s once again proved to the rest of his tribe that he’s untrustworthy. So close, yet so far.

1. David

Did what he had to do and played his idol at the right time, but David now has no protection against the alliance that is now coming for him hard. He’s got enemies on both tribes, and he’ll be forever an entertaining character, but the writing appears to be on the wall for the beautiful man.

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