Australian Survivor Champions vs Contenders Pre-Merge Recap

Firstly, we had to take a week off the video recaps for a number of reasons. Our apologies, they’ll be coming through in the next few days.

With last night’s devastating injury evacuation, Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders 2019 is officially done with the pre-merge. And what a great pre-merge it was, setting us up for a fantastic back half of the game.

Its true to say that many of the contestants eliminated so far were under-edited, but this strategy has left us with 11 really compelling, well defined characters going into the end (and Simon Black). Its an editing method with its pros and cons, but I think we’re about to see the pros, for sure.

The champions pre-swap were defined by 2 storylines, the emergence of the Athletes 7, and the collapse of the Athletes 7. Anastasia became the first boot, Steven took control the Athletes looked rock-solid, but Luke and this season’s biggest emerging star, David, turned the tribe on its head, sending home the likes of ET, Nova, and Steven himself. The dynamic duo also managed a minor miracle, surviving to merge despite a 7-2 disadvantage at the tribe swap. David has made plenty of enemies on both tribes, but he has an idol in his pocket. The question is whether the two of them will link up with the old champions who got swapped.

That really is the big question. We have 6 contenders and 6 champions going into merge. The producers dream. However, there are a few wildcards in the mix. Harry has been a delight to watch, and has miraculously made it to merge, having formed a new alliance with Janine. If Harry sticks with that new alliance over his old contender teammates, he could be the all-important seventh member.

The Janine-David situation could also stir up trouble. She (along with Pia) identified him as the biggest threat in the game, and yet still helped throw a challenge to protect him. They clearly don’t trust him, but do they have any choice but to work with him?

Simon is another wildcard. Another who has found himself frequently at the bottom. A physical asset without strong social connections at this stage, he’s an easy boot, which potentially makes him an easy ally. If the old contenders are going to lure anyone away from the old champions, it may well be the Lions legend.

There are plenty of other things happening as well, Baden and Luke formed a connection this week, Shaun will now be targeted for the physical strength that has made him so sought after to this point in the season. Andy could literally do anything and now that John has had his Parmi – does he have anything to play for anymore?

We’ve got a long way to go yet.

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up:

Episode 11: David, Harry, Janine

Episode 12: Harry, Janine, Baden

Episode 13: Harry, Pia, Janine

Going Down:

Episode 11: Matt, Shaun, Abbey

Episode 12: Andy, Simon, Ross

Episode 13: Simon, Abbey, Shaun


3-2-1 points awarded for ‘going up’, points taken away for ‘going down’

8 – Janine

6 – Baden, Harry, Luke

5 – David, Pia

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