Sony Exec: Now I Can Finally Make My “Aunt May is a Spy” Movie!!!!

After years of waiting, Sony executive Keith Longward has finally given the green light to go ahead with his passion project.

Sony’s recent seizure of all Spider-Man properties has been met with a big reaction from the internet. Along with with worries about the future of Holland’s Spider-Man, many are interested in what other Spider-Man properties could be on the cards. If rumours are to be believed, one of those projects is beginning to crystallize.

Sony executive Keith Longward has been trying to pursue his passion project for years. The shockingly real idea leaked a few years ago, and more details are emerging every day.

“I’m so glad that we pulled Spider-Man away from Marvel”, said Longward, “now I can make my movie where Aunt May is a sexy spy in the 1960’s fighting not only the injustice of the time, but the demons in her own heart”.


We tried to ask about further Spider-Man properties, but Longward wouldn’t cease, “WE OPEN on a cold winter night in Belarus, Aunt May – who we’re going to call Aunt May throughout the film despite not having a nephew or niece yet – appears on the scene with a gun and yells one word, “SPIDERS!!”

…yeah, I don’t know either.

Meryl Streep is in line to star.

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