Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 14 Recap

Merge time brought rewards, risks, and some massive moves that shook up the game. Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders 2019 is really starting to heat up. Check out our video recap!

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up

3. Baden

If Harry’s assessment that the champions will go for “Shaun, then Daisy, then me” is accurate, then Bae-den and John are the ones sitting well to make it through to the top 7, and then can work from there. Baden gets the points because of his relationship with Luke, which was highlighted in a deleted scene this episode.

2. Luke

The king is somehow still flying under the radar. David is acting as the greatest meat shield of all time, and Luke is still looking good. He played brilliantly this episode, going in hard on Andy to ensure that Daisy would never play her idol for him, and he still isn’t copping the heat.

1. Pia

We got a lot of good Pia content this episode. The actress is playing really well, with strong relationships and a solid Endgame plan. She’s on the right side of the numbers, and isn’t likely draw heat any time soon.

Going Down

3. Shaun

The big man won an important immunity this episode, but he said it himself, he can’t win them all. When he slips up, Dave and the other champions are going to come for him, hard.

2. Dave

“Dave has an idol”, we’re yet to see if Andy’s final words (hilariously, a total guess) will have an impact, but it will be fairly easy for Dave to just blow it off as “Andy being Andy”. However, with Janine, Pia and also the contenders all coming out for him, Dave needs to keep up his amazing game to go much further, idol or not.

1. Daisy

Daisy is right on the chopping block. After a pointless idol play, she and Shaun need to work hard to get off the bottom at this point in the game.


8 – Janine, Luke, Pia

7 – Baden

6 – Harry

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