Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 16 Recap

Pia had the Golden God, David, in her sights in an episode with alliance shifts, digging… and balls.

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Well, the golden god has met his end. David was an amazingly entertaining player and a canny strategist as well. The show will certainly be less entertaining without him, but it does present an opportunity for some other characters to get more of a story. The blindside itself was actually pretty simple. Pia and Janine’s desire to get rid of him was set up several episodes ago, and there was little resistance to the vote. Still, it was a strong play by the girls and played to perfection.

We will have to wait and see whether or not this change carries over, or if the castaways return to their tribal lines. All the same, Luke doesn’t seem too fazed by being left out of this plan, although his game was also blown up in a big way by Shaun a few episodes ago.

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up

3. Baden

The great Bae-den came very close to taking an individual immunity win in this episode. He also continued to ride the middle of the tribe well, and isn’t likely to be targeted any time soon.

2. Janine

Janine continues to play well. She made the right decision to stick with her tribe and vote Shaun, and it appears to have been the right move for her this episode to vote out David. Still in the majority alliance, and having claimed a big scalp, Janine continues to impress.

1. Pia

Pia’s massively impressive game continued with the massive scalp of David this episode. Despite her great play, she is STILL not copped any heat for it, with most of the blame lying at the feet of the Godmother, Janine. Building an impressive resume, Pia is situated brilliantly.

Going Down:

3. Simon

With the departure of David, Simon definitely stands as the biggest male physical threat left in the game. Still without many major allies or much hint of a strategic plan, Simon seems to have been in trouble for weeks, but he’s survived so far.

2. Daisy

The loss of Shaun put Daisy firmly on the bottom, but she was saved tonight by the advent of the David plan. Still, the contenders do not have the numbers if tribal lines return, Daisy will be the first name mentioned.

1. Luke

Lukey had a great time winning the immunity challenge, but the fact stands, he was the only person who voted incorrectly last night. His strong relationships with Janine and Baden should see him through. But being the only one not included in the blindside, there’s no choice but to put him here.

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