Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 17 Recap

The tribal lines were redrawn in this episode of survivor. Luke pulled off a heist, Baden listed some cities, and there was great idol tomfoolery.

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This was a pretty big loss for the contenders. John was never likely to win the game from a strategic standpoint, but they had everything they needed to flip the game in this episode.

Daisy found a hidden idol, Harry got to go on a reward with the godmother, Baden established an information pipeline, Daisy still played the idol with a 25% chance of saving the day. Despite all this, it never came together for the contenders.

With the brief respite of the David boot, it has been a tough merge for the contenders so far, and it seems that the only plan with a chance of working is that of Baden and Harry, each trying to establish bonds so they’re not the next person out, and just waiting for the Champions to turn on each other.

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up

3. Janine

Janine’s speaking skills were absolutely instrumental in convincing Daisy to play her idol on herself, ensuring a champions victory for the episode. She also won the reward challenge. The Godmother is copping attention, but for now she’s still playing very well.

2. Pia

Present for the discovery of Daisy’s idol, and instrumental in the decision to throw votes onto the unsuspecting John, Pia continues to dominate this game behind the scenes.

1. Luke

Everything Luke did to handle Daisy’s idol was brilliant. Firstly, he keenly spotted it and brought it up smoothly in the conversation. he then included his alliance members and worked with them to come to a solution. For someone whose alliance betrayed him literally one episode ago, Luke’s easygoing nature brought him straight back into the fold. Also, Operation Night Time Rice was a hit

Going Down

3. Baden

We didn’t see any “sharing” of information between Baden and Luke this episode, all we say was a stream of information flowing freely to the King of the Jungle. Baden has done well to establish a good relationship with Luke, but tonight he was made to look disloyal and, worst of all; nonthreatening. Rooting for a turnaround soon.

2. Harry

We love Dirty Harry, but he is in a lot of trouble right now. He gets points for Operation Night Time Rice, but his plate-based flip back to a “contenders strong” theme was a step backwards for the entertaining Ice-Cream man.

1. Daisy

This was NOT a good episode for Daisy. Getting caught with the idol was a cacophony of hilarity, and the play of it wasn’t much better. She was pretty easily manipulated by Janine into playing the idol on herself. She’s now played two idols this season on herself, for a total of one vote cancelled. Still, she’s still there, and there’s still hope for Daisy.


14 – Janine

13 – Pia

8 – Luke

7 – Baden

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