Australian Survivor: Champions vs Contenders Episode 18 – 19 Recap

Before Daisy and Simon go to war on exile beach tonight, check out our video recaps!

We can talk about whether the timing of Abbey’s move was right was right for ages (although, it probably wasn’t, right?), but who cares? It was seriously entertaining.

Abbey has had a bit of a mixed bag season so far, but it was great to watch her and Luke team up with Harry and Baden to flip on the Champions. As someone who was well and truly sick of the “Champions Strong”, “Contenders Strong” stuff, this was a welcome change, and it was certainly appreciated by the jury.

Survivor Stock Market

Episode 18

Going Up: Pia, Janine, Luke

Going Down: Daisy, Harry, Baden

Episode 19

Going Up: Abbey, Harry, Luke

Going Down: Simon, Janine, Pia

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