Jeremy Renner Launches entire Jeremy Renner internet

The hollywood ‘star’ is not backing down after the shutdown of the Jeremy Renner app.

It seems that the shutdown of the infamous Jeremy Renner app has not deterred the actor from his further plans for world Jerem-ification.

Today, the actor’s publicists revealed that Renner has been working closely with developers and coders to create a new version of the internet, one based soley around Jeremy Renner.

The new Jeremy Renner browser boasts high speeds and durability, and will only have access to certain sites, determined by a complex algorithm. The details of the algorithm have not been provided, but a source says that the algorithm will simply filter out any and all web pages that do not contain the key phrase, “Jeremy Renner”.

Image result for the jeremy renner app

Renner shut down his app a few days ago, expressing his dismay that the platform had been taken over by rampant trolling.

The new Jeremy Renner internet will cost $150 dollars to install, and $1,500 to run in monthly user fees. A small price to pay for unfiltered access to all things Jeremy Renner.

Here more about the Jeremy Renner app on the Fantastic Fools Podcast, where we also reviewed Amazon’s The Boys. Find us on iTunes, Spotify, or just click the player below. Skip to 3:30 for Renner-talk

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