The History of the Joker, Spider-Man Back Home & Pennyworth Season Finale – Fantastic Fools Podcast #80

With Todd Phillips’ Joker mere days away from destroying civilization as we know it, the Fantastic Fools decided to take a look back in time at the history of Batman’s most iconic foe, including Romero, Ledger, Leto, Nicholson, Hamill, and many, many more.

News-wise, it’s a big week. Spider-Man is back in the MCU, Bojack Horseman season 6 has a premiere date, and its the series finale of Pennyworth, is playtime over?

0:00 The episode starts

1:50 Playtime with Pennyworth

9:45 News! (Bojack season 6, Spider-Man is back, Kevin Feige making Star Wars & more)

28:00 The History of the Joker (from creation to 2019)

1:13:50 Watchlist (Flowers, Parasite, Muriel’s Wedding)

1:23:40 Reading Letters that we got


Hot Take of the week: Australians don’t care about Jurassic Park

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