Joker! Subversive Masterpiece or Pretentious Trash??? Fantastic Fools Podcast #81

Joker may well have destroyed the very fabric of the society of which we once lived, but is it any good? We sift through the talking points, the controversies, and all things Joker in this unhinged episode of the Fantastic Fools Podcast.

We also get into the news including the Birds of Prey trailer and William Hurt’s role in Black Widow.

1:55 News (Death on the Nile cast, Runaways, Free Guy, Black Widow, Birds of Prey & more)

23:08 Joker (no spoilers)

41:10 Joker (SPOILERS)

1:15:40 Emails that we received (

1:22:40 Playtime with Pennyworth

1:23:20 Kaiju of the Week

1:25:20 Watchlist (Spongebob, Avatar, About Time)

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