Local Theater Plays Gemini Man at 1000 Frames Per Second By Fast-Forwarding

Crazy what technology can do

Ang Lee’s Gemini Man movie has been widely discussed in relationship to its unique shooting and display style of 120 frames per second, a rate that almost all film projectors cannot actually display.

However, one theater has found a solution to this problem, simply playing the movie at three times the speed to increase the frames.

“People were asking us why we couldn’t show the movie properly”, said cinema manager Lee Angerson, “so we came up with this genius solution”.

When asked how speeding up the footage would increase the frame rate, Angerson responded, “because… it’s, like… faster”

The good news is twofold for cinemagoers, not only do they get to experience the crisp, high-definition at a faster rate, the increased speed also means that the movie will be over earlier, and they don’t have to waste as much of their day watching it.

You can watch Gemini Man in cinemas know, but I honestly don’t really know why you would. Seems pretty dull.

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