Watchmen (2009), does it hold up?? Also Star Wars Trailer – Fantastic Fools Podcast #83

With HBO’s Watchmen series hitting the small screen, we take a look back at the last adaptation of the iconic comic, Zach Snyder’s deeply fascinating 2009 film. James is joined by Nick and… James to discuss the highs and lows of the ambitious film.

Also, there’s a new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer and Daniel Kaluuya is making a Barney the Dinosaur movie for some unknown reason. I don’t even know.

Find us wherever you get your podcasts, or just click the player below!

0:00 The start of the episode

1:50 News (Barney, Star Wars trailer, Batman casting and more)

27:40 Watchmen Review and Analysis

1:01:10 Watchmen TV Pilot Review

1:05:15 Watchlist (Green Lantern, American Made, Fleabag Live)

1:10:45 Kaiju of the Week

1:11:40 Reading the Emails that we got

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