The Best and Worst Prequels of All Time – Fantastic Fools Podcast #84

HBO have dumped one potential Game of Thrones prequel and picked up another, but are prequels good? We go through the biggest pop culture prequels to find the best, the worst, the ones that also exist. 

Also, there’s a big development in our Playtime With Pennyworth Season 2 campaign, Ant-Man 3, Spider-Verse 2, and Benioff and Weiss off Star Wars.

Click the player below or find us on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts

0:41 Playtime with Pennyworth

4:12 News (Cloak & Dagger cancelled, Ant Man 3, Spider-Verse 2, D & D off Star Wars, GOT Prequel news)

23:47 The Best and Worst Prequels

24:30 Star Wars Prequels

32:10 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

37:15 Prometheus and Alien: Covenant

41:00 Star Trek (2009)

43:50 The Hobbit trilogy

56:00 Fantastic Beasts

1:01:30 X-Men: First Class

1:06:15 Planet of the Apes

1:17:52 Watchlist (Watchmen series, Monsters Inc, Bojack Horseman)

1:19:00 Kaiju of the Week

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