Kevin Spacey to Replace Christopher Plummer in Knives Out Re-Shoots

Rian Johnson’s highly anticipated whodunnit Knives Out is set to undergo a massive change just weeks before its release.

According to an insider source, the film was set to undergo extensive re-shoots this week, but actor Christopher Plummer, who plays Harlan Thrombey in the film was unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

To combat this, Johnson and crew have brought in celebrated actor Kevin Spacey to play the role of Harlan for the re-shoots, which will be extended to allow for the change in performer.


The film marks the first feature release from Kevin Spacey since 2018’s unfortunately named Billionaire Boys Club. He has since been mostly out of work as a result of sexual misconduct allegations.

Image result for knives out banner

Spacey is set to wear heavy prosthetic make-up for the film so producers have said that even the most eagle-eyed of viewers may not be able to spot which scenes were shot with Plummer, and which were shot with Spacey.

Spacey has made no official comment on his involvement, but is believed to be working on another weird self-pitying YouTube video to make the casting official.

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