Joker 2 be or Joker 2 not be? The Mandalorian & Star Trek 4 – Fantastic Fools Podcast #87

James and Nick get heavily into the news of the week, including the announcement (but not really) of a follow up to Joker, clashing Stargirl reports, Black Adam moving ahead, and Noah Hawley being courted for Star Trek 4.

Listen right here or find us on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

1:45 Henry Cavill says he’s still Superman

6:42 Black Adam continues to move ahead

10:56 Stargirl is also continuing to move ahead, also Crisis on Infinite Earths

16:03 Is there going to be a Joker 2?

23:50 Killing Zac Efron

26:00 Noah Hawley joins Star Trek 4

32:12 Watchlist (The Mandalorian, Last Christmas)

47:03 Reading emails that we got

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