Netflix Developing “Short Boy” film

“Do you know the struggle of wearing size 5 Nike shoes?”

After the raging success of Netflix’s Tall Girl, the streaming service is moving forward with a spiritual sequel. Short Boy is set to expand and build upon the world of Tall Girl whilst providing a unique insight into one of the most oppressed groups in society today.

Short Boy is set to tell the story of a young male high school student who is tragically vertically challenged. The film will delve into all the ways in which this oppressed minority is challenged on a day to day basis, from not being able to reach his top locker, to not being very good at basketball.

Image result for tall girl netflix

Much of Tall Girl’s original crew is set to return for the film, although the movie is not expected to be a sequel to Tall Girl, and no characters are expected to return.

Netflix will be hoping that this film can hit similar heights as its masterful predecessor, and is expected to launch the film in the tail end of 2020 to round out its year of programming.

The lead role is expected to be played by Danny Devito.

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We watched Tall Girl! Check out the latest episode of the Fantastic Fools Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or by just clicking the player below.

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