Will Smith Reveals He Stayed In Character as a Pigeon While Filming Spies in Disguise

Blue Sky Studios’ Spies in Disguise gained massive attention earlier this year for its hugely bizarre trailer and premise. In the film, a secret agent played by popular YouTuber Will Smith is turned into a pigeon by what appears to be a random young boy (Tom Holland).


Now, Smith has revealed that he approached the project with great reverence, and stayed in character as a pigeon for the whole shoot.

“I got really low to the group, started doing that neck thing… man, I really went full method on this one”.

Image result for pigeon
Acclaimed actor Will Smith

“I shat on the floor a lot, just to get the essence of the role”

“I shat on the floor a lot”

Willard Carroll Smith Jr. (aka Will Smith)

When asked why he performed such a seemingly unnecessary amount of prep work for a Blue Sky animated film he responded with, “well Jared [Leto] did it for Suicide Squad, and I thought that was pretty cool man.

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Smith revealed that the hardest part was the pigeon noises in the film. The directors and script called for the pigeon to speak English, but pigeons can’t actually speak English so Smith initially refused to say any dialogue whilst in pigeon form. However, after many months of deliberation, Smith eventually relented.

Sidebar: in the Spies in Disguise trailer Will Smith says, “you know how you know you’re the greatest spy in the world? Everybody knows your name”.

I just want to say that if everybody knows your name, you are a horrible spy.


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