The Best/Worst of 2019! Fantastic Fools Freddo Awards – Podcast #92

The Fantastic Fools Awards honour the best, worst, and weirdest films of 2019 in the world’s most prestigious awards ceremony. Our esteemed panel awards a single chocolate Freddo Frog to the winners at the ceremony, before the best of the best compete for the coveted half-and-half Milky Top. 

Skip around to find categories you like or listen to the whole episode to hear James, Thomas, Nick, and Charlie lose their minds. You can find us on iTunes or Spotify, by clicking the smartlink to jump to your favourite platform, or simply by clicking the player below

1:50 Worst Movie

10:42 Best Cameo

14:33 Breakout Year

17:58 Worst Moment/Scene

23:42 Best Part of a Bad Movie

28:14 Best Moment/Scene

34:32 Longest Film

37:20 Most Underrated Film

41:29 Best/Biggest Villain

45:54 Best TV Show

50:34 That was 2019? Wow.

54:10 The Wilson Fisk Honourary Kaiju of the Year

1:03:12 Best Movie

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