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Toy Story 4, The Chef Show, & Endgame Re-Release. Fantastic Fools Podcast #69

This week, James is joined by Nick, Thomas, and Tim to discuss Toy Story 4, the latest film from Pixar that has been toying with the emotions of fans all over the world.

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix, E3 & Keanu Reeves. Fantastic Fools Podcast #68

After months of behind-the-scenes turmoil, X-Men: Dark Phoenix has stumbled into cinemas to a massively low box office and a critical trashing, but this week’s breathtaking Fantastic Fools Podcast has the low down on all the talking points from Fox’s final X-Men disaster. There’s also time for news, including E3, Narnia, Dune, and, of course the amazing man that is

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