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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood! The twists! The turns! The FEET!!! – Fantastic Fools Podcast #75

Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has finally expanded worldwide, and we have plenty of hard-hitting hot takes about QT’s latest excuse to shoot as many feet as humanly possible.

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix, E3 & Keanu Reeves. Fantastic Fools Podcast #68

After months of behind-the-scenes turmoil, X-Men: Dark Phoenix has stumbled into cinemas to a massively low box office and a critical trashing, but this week’s breathtaking Fantastic Fools Podcast has the low down on all the talking points from Fox’s final X-Men disaster. There’s also time for news, including E3, Narnia, Dune, and, of course the amazing man that is

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