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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood! The twists! The turns! The FEET!!! – Fantastic Fools Podcast #75

Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has finally expanded worldwide, and we have plenty of hard-hitting hot takes about QT’s latest excuse to shoot as many feet as humanly possible.

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73. Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Episode Pitch! Reverse Snap, Quicksilver Lives & More!

With Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ officially announced at comic-con next week, we’ve decided to take that premise and run with it. We’re going through several What If scenarios that massively effect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What if Howard Stark lived? What if Abomination joined the Avengers? So many questions, so many inadequate answers.

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Marvel Netflix Full Retrospective – Fantastic Fools Podcast #70

After multiple interconnected series spread over several years, the Marvel-Netflix experiment has come to an end with the release of Jessica Jones season 3.
James and Nick track the series from the beginning, looking back over the production and reception for everything from Daredevil through The Defenders and right up to its final hour.

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